SpecForce and Ops

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Special Operations and Special ForcesEdit Special Operations and Special Forces

Though bearing similar names, Special Operations and Alliance Special Forces were two completely different groups. While Special Forces (SpecForce) were highly trained active military professionals, tasked with performing specific, carefully planned operations, Special Ops agents engaged in murky undercover missions and chaotic, unplanned operations with only minimal input from Alliance Command. Though SpecForce personnel recognized the need for SpecOps, and vice versa, rivalry between the two groups ran deep; SpecOps personnel viewed SpecForces as arrogant, uptight, and overtrained, and SpecForce personnel viewed SpecOps (or “spooks,” as they liked to call them) as amateurs who relied on luck to carry the day.

SpecForces sometimes used Mission Group personnel as “other specialists” such as transportation specs, pilots, communication experts, translators, medical technicians, supply specialists, and so on. Such personnel were often referred to as “recovering spooks” by the SpecForce units they were attached to.

Conversely, sometimes Special Forces troops were assigned to Special Operations units; these individuals were referred to as “specters” by other SpecForce personnel.

SpecForce and Ops

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