Builder's placement report

Greetings, sector command. Due to a possibility of this message being intercepted, I will not be using our actual names. I will take a moment to explain the structure of our squad before getting into the report proper.

At the head of our squad is our leader – lets call him Sarge.
The de-facto second in command of our squad is our best tactician and information specialist. Let us call him Finder.
My own roll is our squad’s mechanic and tech expert. Let us call me Builder.
Our bureaucratic specialist is currently absent for reasons that you are aware. Let us call him Shifty.
Occasional support is provided to our group by a logistics specialist. Let us call them Grouper.
Our most recent member has yet to strongly integrate into the group. Let us call him Shadow.

With this report I seek not to enlighten you as to our operations, but as to the nature of our members. This seems to have become a concern of yours recently – so lets begin. Sarge is, as has been mentioned, the person in command. He is…sometimes difficult. While he is capable of making snap judgments in difficult situations, myself and Finder are not of the opinion that these decisions are sensible ones. I feel that Sarge longs for a military life – one where he is in a proper chain of command, with a proper military support structure to call on. He seems…almost lost with the more free-form operations that are required by a covert cell. If there is a major stress in our squad’s ability to function as a group, it is that we do not approve of our leader’s decisions.

Finder is the least sociable of our group – likely not a poor trait for a covert operative. He usually has good advice to offer in any situation, and has a solid grasp of the sorts of tactics that would be applicable in most situations. If he has a fault, it is that he does trust us to a great degree – nor does he share information if he does not feel we need to know it. Then again…you can never be certain where information once told will wind up. Keeping fairly quiet may be more of an asset than a flaw. Finder is one of us who has the most issues with Sarge. He would likely be most valuable to the alliance in a roll that focuses on his abilities as an information specialist.

I am, of course, biased when discussing myself. Nevertheless…I am our tech guy. When a mechanical solution is avaliable, I’m the one who can make it happen. I am forced to admit that my interpersonal skills are somewhat lacking however – as is my practical tactical ability. I know little of war and espionage, though I feel I am learning fast. I probably have the next greatest numbers of issues with Sarge, after Finder.

I am unfortunately unable to give an up-to-date description of Shifty, due to his recent absence. While he was still with us however, his ability to talk with people and understand the systems that corporations and organizations act under was unparalleled. This was the man who knew who to talk to, who to bribe, and what to write to make it all look official.

I am not terribly familer with Grouper, but they have yet to be a major hindrance.

I am also not terribly familer with Shadow, but he has some…unique skills that make him a more valuable asset than he at first appears. That is not a matter that should be discussed in this transmission, but I assure you this man’s capabilities are an asset. He is, unfortunately, even less used to espionage than I am, and occasionally is alarmingly open about certain facets of himself. I strongly suspect that he will learn quickly, much as I have.

May this help you understand our desire to be placed in separate sections within the alliance.


Builder's placement report

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