Tierfon Rebel Base

Tierfon Rebel base is scattered across the Tierfon planet. Much of it is in caves, or underground areas.

To promote flexibility and to support diverse taskings, and to support security, physical structures are colocated and dispersed.

One underground location holds the hangar for ships from Sp along with their technical support, part of a Starfighter Sqn (pilots, grd support, quarters), the O&S clothing supply, a place to grab a quick snack and take a break, secure meeting rooms used mostly by SpecForce, as they are quartered there.

There are speeders to travel from one location to another, but much of the travel is done via passageways underground.
Each location indicates the current security level for that location and whether above ground travel is permitted. There is high speed above ground transport in place when needed.

  1. Sector Force coordination and promotion for this sector is located here.
  2. Regular forces ensure security, communications, at the base. There are some troops.
  3. Base Comd ensures sufficient resources for each op, or tasking.
  4. SpecForce has representation on the base.
  5. Starfighter Sqn located here.
  6. Int also has a site deep underground on the planet. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Alliance_Intelligence
  7. SpecOps has a Mission Group, or part of one, based here.
  8. Ordnance and Supply (O&S) manages supplies for this sector (weapons, supplies, and equipment). Warns of shortages. QM and 2 assistants are located here
  9. Support (Sp) is responsible for Rebel Tpt. ( http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Alliance_Support_Services Navik should find some high level info as to his YT-1300 for mobile torpedo research here) There are several large caverns and several teams of techs for the ships located on Tierfon.
  10. There are a dozen common areas.
  11. There are transitory quarters.
  12. There are rebel specialist areas in different parts of the planet.
    a. Medical
    b. Gathering of materiel
    c. Technical development

Tierfon Rebel Base

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