The Quicksilver is Navik’s personal starship – a tricked out YT 2400. Much of the ship has been heavily modified; Of particular note are the engines, which the mechanist has personally optimized to get speeds out of this ship that really shouldn’t be possible in anything larger than a starfighter.

It’s worth noting that the ship isn’t entirely legal, boasting turbolasers and spoofed IFF. The turbolasers are licensed, but the license is forged… (DC 32 to spot forged license – was created at ‘difficult’ level which is “Good enough to pass electronic screening”)

Some crazy people may tell you this ship had medium turbolasers at one point. They are clearly crazy, it never had medium turbolasers! This has always been true since last tuesday.

Quicksilver (Firebird)
Colossal Space Transport

Str: 42 (+ 16)
Dex: 18 (+ 4)
Int: 14 (+ 2)

HP: 120

Ref: 19 (15 Flat Footed)
Fort: 27
DR: 15
SR: 55
Threshold: 77

Fly: 6 (Starship scale)
Fly: 24 (Character scale)
Hyperdrive: *0.75
Backup: *12
Has Combat Thrusters

Weapon: Quad Light Turbolaser (2 )
Gunner Controlled
5D10 * 5 Damage

-10 Size modifier to all relevant skills
+2 to Mechanics and Use Computer from Workshop

Equipped with a workshop
Equipped with a Disguised Transponder, which can identify the ship as the Firebird

Cargo: 150 Tons
Consumable: 2 months
Passenger space: 6
Crew space: 3
Remaining EP: 0

Modifications Made

Hyperdrive upgraded. Twice.
Sublight engines upgraded. Twice.
Weapons replaced with Turbolasers
Shields upgraded
Workshop Added
Spoofed IFF added
Combat thrusters added


Kuat Nespin