QA Team

QA Teams working for KDY have several ships, they rove between drive yards.

Ships they use are
Mary-Ellen (1 spice pallet found)
Barrett (1 pallet of spice found)
Jenny B (2 pallets found)
Cinderella Maline Shesh is the lead QA for this ship (4 pallets onthe Cinderella)

Among the 12 QA officers arrested for spice trafficking:

  • Maline Shesh
  • Prenna Feltt

Lt(N) Garn Bendill is the Empire Officer who comes and does QA.

Applicants for replacement on the QA team are:

  • Kortly Bendside
  • Dello Dellano
  • Pascal Dog Tarrant’s boys
  • J’reen Fennt
  • Mayti Golf – existing KDY employee – Security Tarrant’s boys
  • Mandrake Korula
  • Sor Siin Margadr
  • Alaria Naysmith – existing KDY employee – Warehouse
  • Att Mé Po’Shen
  • Timruk Quenswill
  • Stream Russian
  • Liil Rroough
  • Pet Leigh Silver
  • Sonne Tango – existing KDY employee – Security Tarrant’s boys
  • Dav Tarrant – existing KDY employee – Security
  • Coppon Wanntilverr
  • Damir Whiskey Tarrant’s boys
  • Melody

QA Team

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