Operation Swordfish

“If you don’t have an escape plan, you don’t have a plan.”
Unknown Bothan agent

An extraction plan masterminded by Path Hon’dra in the event that a withdrawal from the Kuat system is required. Currently still in the planning stages.

Initial (safety) level operational parameters, call for the redirection of a Kuat made Firespray-31 to a secure location, and the acquisition of the security pass codes and hyperspace jump coordinates required to take it out of system in the shortest possible time.

Secondary (prosperity) level operational parameters, call for the theft of additional Firesprays, numbers to be based on available pilots, slave circuits, and pilot droids. Once obtained firesprays will be supplied with stolen Kuat components to be fenced after escape.

At this point in time safety level parameters are partiallt completed with a vessel in storage at a secure point. A secure link for immediate astrogation data must be secured in order to allow for imediate departure.

Prosperity level parameters are currently being investigated. Although a source of pilot droid which could greatly increase transport ability has been found, it has been deemed to risky for immediate use. It may be brough under consideration for future development when crew resources have been exhausted and material to be stolen outstrips available transport capacity.

Operation Swordfish

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