Mathilde is an asteroid that is approximately 5km long. She has been taken out of the asteroid belt and rotates around Kuat prime perpendicular to the eliptic of Kuat planet, and the orbital array. One side of her always faces Kuat prime.
She is roughly peanut shaped, with the valley in the middle always facing away from KThe same side of her always faces Kuat prime.

She has one small moon.

Mathilde is the Imperial base for the holonet communications into Kuat system.

There is ground defence static and mobile. There is space defence. There are imperial troops posted to the asteroid and the surrounding defence stations.

There are three mobile stations to defend her, and the moon also has defences. One of the stations is a Cardan I station.

There are two holonet communicators visible on the surface of Mathilde. They are surrounded by concertina, mines, and wpns defenses.
The party has learned that the actual holonet communications is divided into three separate locations inside Mathilde. Each one is made up of a complete holonet transceiver, a translator to subnet, a translator from subnet, a firewall for directing the traffic to/from the holonet, and subnet communications. Communications shifts from one site to the other on a rotational basis, with the other two acting as fail over. (The rebel cell installed their black box to pirate transmissions between the subnet translator and the firewall.)

The base inside Mathilde includes a hangar with capacity for a TIE squadron of TIE fighers and bombers, a Lambda shuttle wing, and regular shipments that come from the Imperial Kuat system port or from Kuat planet.

Each end of the Mathilde is covered in solar panels. The area around each end is mined.

The asteroid is shielded. It has a band shielding, allowing certain velocity to pass within the band. The shielding means that there is very light atmosphere on the asteroid, held in by the shield.
There is further shielding above the communications arrays, to protect them from attack.


Posting Role Rank M/F Name Details
Log OIC Logistics Lt F Rune-Do Fey Focussed, Log came from veh maint, not too strong envir,medic, food, etc. It shows.
Log Environmental Sys Sgt M Boron Slee Believes in all living things. Impl a private proj to increase living things under his control. Has acquired a light sabre.
Stn Comd Int O SubLt M Carter Bonne sullen, good at int job, suspicious of all, overweight, moves at 5sq due to medical condition.
Land Mobile Tp SubLt M Nephr Sindtyver Loves the freedom of driving across the asteroid. Happy not to rock the boat, won’t mention anything that might interfere with his freedom. Good w/veh. Killed by Venn in error in turbolift, body dropped through the shaft. Duran impersonates him.
Starships TIE F KSHN-11-1 Flt Lt F Taran Yu friends of Nephr.
Sec OIC Security SubLt M Maxhiln Dukrek only does the necessary, lazy.
Comm Hdware and Installation Sgt M Ill Trent-Fischer Friendly, strong technical understanding. Responsible for the overall comms installation and hardware. Works well with Melissa, between the two a strong team.
Comm Transceiver specialist Sgt F Melissa Merwoma Responsible for the transceivers. Understands the holonet on an almost mystical level. Can make the holonet to sub light comm and vice versa do anything.


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