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The adventure starts out in the Kuat system sometime between 3 BBY and perhaps 15 BBY, before the Battle of Yavin and thought to be after the signing of the Treaty of Corellia. It appears over time that perhaps the adventure starts just before the signing of the Treaty of Corellia.

The party, a newly formed rebel cell, establishes themselves working for KDY. They set up a number of initiatives to sabotage KDY.
They also succeed in clearing up a sabotage problem in the building of speeders, clean up a diverting of parts, stop a spice running operation, encounter spies from the Zann consortium who have set up a food price fixing in the orbital array.
The rebel cell is made up of Kathruw(who eventually bows out), Alaria, Path, Tarrant, Navik, and Kim Smith.

With successful sabotage of KDY, the party Alaria, Path, Venn, Roah, Navik, and Duran depart Kuat system for the Rebel Alliance. Their first stop is the Tierfon Rebel Base. There in the midst of their first mission they are joined by Throhgvor.
Roah destroys the Jedi who betrayed him, and himself turns to the dark side. Sera joins the party on a mission, and comes to Tierfon. Venn and the party find and confront the Imperial who was responsible for killing his family. Venn’s destiny is complete.

Thal is about to join the party.

Main Page

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