Kuat system

The Kuat System of relevance has the planet Kuat, the Kuat Drive Yards, KDY, the Kuat orbital array, the asteroid Mathilde, and the Kuat Ports.

The planet of Kuat has two moons, Ronay and Bador. Kuat’s rotation is 20 hours, orbital period is a 322 standard days; it is 11 000km in diameter.

Toryaz, the high end station where the Zann consortium has an establishment called the Velvet Palace is located on Ronay.

The party has accommodations in the Kuat orbital array. The different drive yards are also found there: Kuat, Treen, Feltt, Shesh, Kuras, Kuhlvult, etc

The Kuat sector includes several systems: Redrish, Drurish, Ulion, Kidir, Monadin, Parthis, Renegg, Venir, Horthav, Sollopps, Relarr, and Kuat.

The Empire is very interested in the output from the Kuat Drive Yards as it is a major source of the ships they commission. The Empire sets up a Kuat Traffic Zone which has the Kuat Passenger Port, the Kuat Freight Port and the Imperial Transfer Post.

The Traffic Staging Systems in the Kuat Traffic Zone carefully monitor traffic in and out of the Kuat System.
The Kuat Passenger Port has two incoming routes, from Ulion and Redrish, and two outgoing routes, from Drurish and Kidir.
The Kuat Freight Port has two incoming routes, from Monadin and Horthav, and two outgoing routes, from Renegg, and Venir.
The Imperial Transfer Post has two classified incoming routes, and two outgoing classified routes.

Kuat system

Kuat Kogaluc