Keepinroom Ers Alive - Citizens cry Foul Communications

70:10:24/KEA/M10.192.-53/KUA.4.KUA/POL/Tt. Reely
Ttwint Reely byline – Communications throughout Kuat City were disrupted for several hours today. Rumours are that the disruption was widespread. Businesses across the city were stopped, shuttle traffic and flights across the planet were disrupted. Communications returned after three hours and 19 minutes. No explanation for the disruption has been provided by Mayor Trell.

Emergency services were stretched to the limit as accidents proliferated, and thee was no means of reporting them. A poll of the medical facilities shows and increase in injuries and an initial count of four deaths related to the communications breakdown.

Smokn Cindr, fire marshall for Kuat City has reported two fire fighters injured when they could not communicate to the fire fighters outside the tenement fire on Swanshore Drive. Due to the powerful voice of Honour Parade, and the quick thinking of Cindr in resurrecting an ancient megaphone the fire fighters succeeded in evacuating all 63 people from the building complex.

Salld Greenmay from the City Infrastructure described the tests of City equipment and all showed the equipment functioning normally. It is absolutely shocking that there should be no contingency.

Our recently re-elected Mayor Sid See Trell was at a loss to explain the absence of communications. Interviewed, he indicated he had sent runners to the KSF and KDY offices. Both were affected by the communications malfunction but could not explain it. KSF used their emergency communications protocol during the incident and was able to keep order. Mayor Trell’s expected address to explain the situation was not forthcoming. Once again our Mayor leaves the citizens of Kuat City in a disturbingly precarious situation. Review of the City’s emergency plans does not cover this possibility. The Mayor is at a loss to suggest a workaround should the citizens be again subject to a similar situation.

Keepinroom Ers Alive - Citizens cry Foul Communications

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