GNS sabotage

70:10:31/GNS/M10.192.-53/KUA.4.KUA/ECO/S. Fhreepr Aiss

Kuat City, Kuat

Kuat Drive Yards was the subject of significant sabotage. Ships in production crashed into other structures. A rogue band of ships thought to be Zann Consortium, fired on a number of sensitive shipyard facilities doing considerable damage.

Kuat of Kuat the head of Kuat Drive Yards stated that the impact is being investigated. He is concerned that there were insufficient Imperial ships in system to protect the Drive Yards, including the Imperial Star Destroyer Tyranny assigned to Kuat. Imperial Army and Navy units are replacing the Kuat Security Forces who have traditionally protected the Kuat system. Return to regular research and production is expected to take some months. KDY and KSF are investigating.

Moff Thichis Kuras responsible for the sector could not be reached for comment. Mev Bollard from the Moff’s office stated that a Zann consortium infiltrator had been arrested. He had no comment with regards to Imperial forces in the sector.

A KDY representative, Fer Kuat, stated that KDY has completed a number of investigations to clean subversive activities from their jurisdiction.

Changes were made to the KDY roster following a satisfactory investigation into spice trafficking via Kuat. The sabotage is thought to be a major crime syndicate’s response to the KDY crackdown in their jurisdiction.

Salaman Fhreepr Aiss/Galaxy News Service

GNS sabotage

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