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  • On the defensive

    Tarrant, Path, Navik. Roah and Duran not present. Bolgoink Gammorean fortress is under attack from the [[Groogrun | Groogrun]] Gammoreans, led by Cherry Tol. Tarrant and Navik go to assist them. Path is sorting through applications for replacement …

  • Operation Swordfish

    "If you don't have an escape plan, you don't have a plan." Unknown Bothan agent

    An extraction plan masterminded by Path Hon'dra in the event that a withdrawal from the Kuat system is required. Currently still in the planning stages.

  • Operation Platinum

    "The typical Bothan's goal is to go through life getting more and more people to listen to what he has to say." Sena Leikvold Midanyl

    A riddle wrapped in an enigma, revealing nothing

  • Operation Moustrap

    "... and he asked me where I should hide something where all may look for it search they greatly, and I responded 'why in the last place they will look of course' and he responded 'no, you shall hide it in a place they shall not look at all' and I replied …

  • Operation Princess

    So I want a ship and I'm going to get one, heres the rough outline: 1. Find the following: A droid CIS foundry that produced repair droids, a CIS droid foundry that produced battle droids. 2. Get an H1-ME repair droid, name her princess. 3. Use …

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