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Spring 2010 – Party of four starts off in Kuat City.
First rebel meeting involves an explosion in the building their in.
At one point Path is kidnapped by the Zann consortium who want to use him as a slave insider to infiltrate KDY.
At another, on the trail of spice, they take down a fortress run for Krello.

Summer 2010 – Kim Smith leaves (for the summer), and takes two Sorosullan escapes, a defecting KDY scientist to the rebellion.
Mel Port is taken from KSF custody at the request of the Empire as he turns out to be the “contact” for an incoming rebel agent. In a terrible battle between KSF, the rebellion (the party), Empire troops, the rebel agent is lifted out, and Roah joins the party. Mel Port is killed by KSF and thrown into a waterfall.

Fall 2010 – running a pirate encounter or two on the side to bring Kim Smith’s character back into the party.


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