On the defensive

Tarrant, Path, Navik. Roah and Duran not present.

Bolgoink Gammorean fortress is under attack from the Groogrun Gammoreans, led by Cherry Tol.
Tarrant and Navik go to assist them. Path is sorting through applications for replacement Quality Assistance members. There have been 12 taken out of circulation due to the Spice trafficking investigation. He has a list of 18 – see QA Team.

Navik investigates in greater detail the setup for the holonet transceiver on Mathilde Asteroid features.

Op SwordfishAlaria provides them with information re a secure location where there are droids stored. It is under higher than normal security as it is where blueprints are stored. It is empire connected, there are Empire security folk (not KSF); it is guarded; it is electronically protected; although in KDY it is not in a particular KDY drive yard

Lapis Myrtle wants information about Zann in Kuat system, presence and influence. Path gets information to tell her and finds out she is a Zann operative infiltrating KDY.
Path’s report to her is says that Zann facilities in this system are crippled by multiple counter infiltration teams. (The goal is to try to cause the operation here to attemp an internal purge. If it works they self destruct to some degree, even if it doesn’t, it will sow confusion and distrust.)
Implicated are: Burrooth Aan, Dahlyn Se’fey, and Dorn Merr’fey who would suspest that the mysterious bothans were actually black sun spies. The female Zann slave trainer survived the attack on the Velvet Palace. Kuat system, suspicious that.
(Probably I want it to implicate several people above her, so she will bypass them and go to the top for her own safety and because by disposing them she advances her own position. It might just work.)

Extracting the slaves
Pirate gang gets the loot

Sisters soldier level 4
soldier level 4
pilot level 4
Gunner level 4
scoundrel level 3
bothan child slave

The pirate gang needs to capture an Empire vessel that has been downed by the pirates. They pilot the Ajax nearby ostensibly with parts to repair the downed vessel, and attempt to lure out several of the imperial troops. Several of them accompany the pirates, and they succeed in killing them.

They create an opening in the side of the downed ship and work their way through with occasional firefights to reach cargo and slaves. They bring in their ship and load up what they can as the Empire brings in reinforcements.

They manage to escape to a shelter outside off planet, where they repair and heal.

Shedd Building Explosion
Krello loses her headquarters

Tarrant – human soldier 4
Path – bothan scout 4
Navik – duros scoundrel 4

Tarrant is most unhappy that the Groogrun Gammorean clan has not returned him the package that was sent to him. He learns that it is stored at the Shedd building, owned by Krello.

The package is the hardware key to an encrypted holonet communication device, and it needs to be destroyed. Tarrant is very concerned that it shouldn’t get into anyone else hands, despite Path’s assurances that it is useless to anyone.

So the party decides to blow up the building.
Tarrant recently won in combat the clan leader position for the Gammorean clan that used to work for Krello. They provide him with schematics and information about the building layout.

They acquire disguises, the necessary explosives, some det cord (not the detonite cord in the manual, this one just connects the explosives together so they can all be timed to go off at the same time. A manual detonator is also acquired.

They meet and take down the Gammorean guard at the back entrance. They go down the elevator shaft to the maintenance level below the basement. Unfortunately, Navik is spotted on the cameras while trying to take it out. They proceed with kicking out the wall, placing the explosives, connecting the det cord.

Things get interesting when the Force-using escort of Krello and the Groogrun Gammoreans come down to stop them. There is an ongoing firefight, while Navik continues to place the explosives.

The party eventually explodes the area around the only stairwell to stop anyone else from coming down. Tarrant keeps the area secure while Navik keeps up the work. Path watches the elevator shaft, as some of Krello’s escort attempt to enter from that direction.

Eventually 7 supports of the 10 key supports are successfully placed with explosives. The party takes out the escort in the elevator shaft, and reaches the first floor in safety. Tarrant opens the back entrance and is shot at by Gammoreans who have taken positions on the neighbouring buildings on balconies. He goes down. Path also suffers a similar fate. Navik detonates the building, grabs his companion and leaves as fast as possible.

Navik is an amazing specialist, and his charges do significant damage to the supports. The explosives do not all go off simultaneously due to their quality. So the building does not neatly fall in on itself. Some of it does fall against neighbouring buildings.

See local news stories Keypinroom Ers Alive – Kuat local
Keypinroom Ers Alive – Kuat City Inspectors Misdirected

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Spring 2010 – Party of four starts off in Kuat City.
First rebel meeting involves an explosion in the building their in.
At one point Path is kidnapped by the Zann consortium who want to use him as a slave insider to infiltrate KDY.
At another, on the trail of spice, they take down a fortress run for Krello.

Summer 2010 – Kim Smith leaves (for the summer), and takes two Sorosullan escapes, a defecting KDY scientist to the rebellion.
Mel Port is taken from KSF custody at the request of the Empire as he turns out to be the “contact” for an incoming rebel agent. In a terrible battle between KSF, the rebellion (the party), Empire troops, the rebel agent is lifted out, and Roah joins the party. Mel Port is killed by KSF and thrown into a waterfall.

Fall 2010 – running a pirate encounter or two on the side to bring Kim Smith’s character back into the party.


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