QM-EV-Series Supr

Quarter Master droid


Name QM-EV-Series Supr CL 3
Droid Non-her 1, Noble 3 Type:3rd degree Ref:Scavengers 95
Sz Med
Fight’g Space 1×1 Reach:1 Spd:6 sq walking
Init +1 Senses: Perception +3
HP 10 Threshold 12 BAB +2 Grapple +1
Force 3
Abil Str 8, Dex 9, Con – , Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 12
Defences Ref 13(FF 13), Fort 12, Will 16
Wpns Melee unarmed +1 (1d3)
Ranged by weapon Ion Pistol +1 (3D6 ion)

Skills Knowledge technology +8, Perception +3, Persuasion +13,
Mechanics +13, Use Computer +8

Linguist, Skill Focus (Mechanics), Skill Training (Knowledge technology, Mechanics)
Coordinated Attack: [prereq BAB+2] Automatic success when using aid another to aid ally’s Att or to suppress an enemy as long as target is adjacent to you or w/in pt blank range.
Droid Focus (5th degree): [prereq trained in Mechanics and Use Computer]
+1 bonus to Deception, Mechanics, Perception, Persuasion, Use Computer checks when used on or against 5th degree droid.
+1 to all Def vs Att Rolls & Skill checks made by 5th Degree droids

Demand Surrender: 1/encounter, persuasion check std action >= Will Def to demand surrender of opponent reduced to <= ½ HP. Opp gets +5 if >lvl. Takes no hostile actions, drops wpns, unless attacked by you or allies
Presence: Make a Persuasion check to intimidate a creature as a Std Action (not full rd)

Spec Qual:
Droid Traits
Bully: As swift action, when trying to intimidate a target, the droid can reroll its Persuasion check and keep better result

Spec Actions: Demand Surrender, Presence

Systems: Heuristic processor, Walking locomotion, 2 hand appendages, internal comlink, vocabulator, power recharger, video recorder, datapad

Lang: Basic, binary, Dosh (Trandoshan), Bothese, Mon Calamari

Possessions: Power recharger inside torso to keep ower packs and energy cells fully charged, video recorder tracks visual catalogue of supplies and tracks missing items, datapad with access to the inventory

HP 10 CT


QM-EV-Series Supr

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