Duros, male, 19, totally tech monkey


Update for level 14:

Duros Scoudrel 6/soldier 4/Military Engineer 3/Saboteur 1
Init: 16; Senses: Perception +7 (9 darkvision with mask)
Languages: Basic, Durese, verpine, bothan, military sign, Binary
Defences: Ref: 30 (flat-footed 26), Fort: 29, Will 28
hp: 108; Threshold 29
Speed: 6

Ranged: Heavy Variable Blaster Rifle (16 to hit, 3D1010 damage)
Base attack: +10; Grapple: +11
Abilities: Str 13, Dex 19, Con 13, Int 18, Wis 11, Cha 10

Feats: weapon proficiency (simple, pistol, rifle, heavy),
point blank shot, tech specialist, vehicular combat,
precise shot, quick draw, starship designer, skill focus
(mechanics), Armor Proficiency(Light), Skill Training(Deception), Superior Tech Specalist(Armor, Weapons)

Talents: Personalize weapons, bomb thrower, electronic forgery, comrade in arms, Armored Defense, Tech Savant, Problem Solver, Device Jammer

Skills: acrobatics 16, deception +12, initiative +16, knowledge (technology) +16,
knowledge (physical sciences) +16, mechanics +22 (
27 with explosives)
pilot 16, stealth +16 (26 with suit), use computer +18

Bryar pistol (charger, tech specialized)
Heavy Variable Blaster rifle(Tech +2 hit, +3 dmg, improved power pack)
Energy cell (10)
ration pack (7)
utility belt
datapad (tech specialized +1 to use computer)
power pack (10)
instant restraining bolt (5)
holorecorder (video, cloaked)
computer interface visor
mask of the ghost faced killer
shadow suit
toolkit (tech specialized +1 to mechanics)

Bryar pistol was all legal on Kuat (in that I bought the parts there) and is licensed. May not be legal here – pulse chargers are a dangerous bit of tech, though I did get it the legal way.

I strongly suspect our shadowsuits are illegal. Same with our masks of the ghost faced killer.

Instant restraining bolts are likely illegal, but can be easily dumped. They’re not hard to replace.

The holorecorder will likely raise some eyes as well, since it’s been cloaked.


Navik’s family came to the planet Kuat before Navik was born. They live on the planet somewhat south and east of Kuat City.

He first came to Kuat City to work in a speeder repair shop, called Airstone’s Garage.
He joined the rebellion because they have fewer restrictions on their technology.

Navik gets hired on at Kuat Drive Yards KDY and keeps up some repair work on the side.

Tasked with resolving a swoop sabotage problem in the production area. He set up traps and followed electronic clues to solve the problem. In his spare time he sabotages as much of KDY as he feels he can get away with.

Navik is currently attempting to design ship-to-ship Torpedoes.

Navik gets along fairly well with Path, for reasons that are not entirely clear.

Navik changes his name to Kallis Kadio as he joins the rebellion at the Tierfon Rebel Base.


Kuat Nespin