KDY employee, Maintenance, co-worker of Navik's


Moriin a Duros maint worker of experience, female older, has been on the job for ages. Usually cheerful, helpful, good suggestions, is clearly down in the dumps. She was out at one of the space stns where a high level Imperial engineer and some other tech workers passed out because of the air quality. Two teams independent of ea other have reviewed and replaced and checked everything. It is back to working fine, but she doesn’t know the source of the problem. Since it is happening to a much lesser degree on a stn in system, she’s been told to check the ones working in system as well as the one that isn’t.
KDY’s good name is affected. Has taken much longer than expected. She wanted to go and see new grandchild who is on Kuat for a little while. Now has to go off chasing air problems with KDY pretty boys and a couple of KDY officers “face” who know how to dimple or be official, an newbie environmental type, and she has to put together the rest of the team, more independent review, maint types, troubleshooters, etc. [She’s not happy.]
Problem: Cardan space station problem with the air quality on the lower levels of the space stn. Problem is intermittent. Several of the obvious components have been replaced, the filtration has been reviewed. The obvious has been done. Seems to be a regulation problem rather than a refresh problem, or recycling problem. Not all stations experience this.

Navik agrees to help her and take on the job of figuring out the space stations’ air quality problems.



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