Mev Bollard

The ISB agent who killed Venn's family.


Name ISB Agent Mev Bollard Sz Med CL 9 Age 39, Male
Critter Human Empire Type noble 4/scout 3/enforcer 2
Fight’g Space 1×1 Reach 1 Spd 6sq Ref Sterling Hershey 3720 to 1
Init 10 Senses Perception +10 (can reroll, must take second result)
Force 4 Dark Side 4
HP 60 Threshhold 21 BAB +6 Grapple +7Abil Str 10, Dex 12, Con 13 , Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 14
Defences Ref 26 (FF24), Fort 21, Will 22
Wpns Melee unarmed +6 (1d6
4) or
Ranged Blaster pistol 8 (3d64) or
Ranged stun grenade 8 (4d6 4, stun, 2sq burst rad)
Att Options Charging Fire, Nonlethal Tactics, Pt Blk Shot,Precise Shot
Special Actions: Shake It Off, targeted suspect +1 (Force Unl 45)
Special Qual
Targeted Suspect If an ISB officer spends a full-round action observing an opponent in cbt, he gains a +1 bonus on Att rolls and Deception, Perception and Persuasion checks. The benefits last for the remainder of the encounter. He cannot use this ability until after his opponent has acted during combat.
Skills Deception +11, Endurance +10, Gather Information +16, Initiative +10,
Knowledge (bureaucracy) +11, Knowledge (social sciences) +11, Stealth +10,
Perception +10 (can reroll, must take 2nd result), Persuasion +16, Use Computer +11

Feats Charging Fire, Linguist, Martial Arts I, Precise Shot, Pt Blk Shot, Shake It Off,
Skill Focus (Gather Info, Persuasion),Skill Trg (Endurance), Wpn Focus (pistols),
Wpn Prof (pistols, simple wpns)
Improved Dam Threshold increase damage threshold by 5
Martial Arts I Damage dealt from unarmed att increases by 1 die step: 1d4 now 1d6. Gain +1 dodge bonus to Refl Def. If lose Dex bonus to Refl Def, you also lose dodge bonus (dodge bonuses stack).

Talents Acute Senses, Demand Surrender, Surveillance (Force Unl 28),
Presence, Nonlethal Tactics (Force Unl 45)
Acute Senses You may choose to reroll any Perception check, but the result of the reroll must be accepted even if it is worse. (Awareness Core p49)
Demand Surrender 1/encounter make a Persuasion check as a Std Action to demand surrender from an opp who has been reduced to 50% or less of HP. If your check result >= target’s Will Defense, it surrenders to you or your allies, drops any wpns it is holding, and takes no hostile actions. If the target is a higher lvl than you, it gains +5 bonus to Will Def. If you or any of your allies attack it, it no longer submits to your will and can act normally. You can only use this talent against a particular target 1/encounter. This is a mind-affecting effect. NonLethal Tactics When you are using a ranged wpn set to stun, stun grenades, nets, or stun batons, you gain +1 to Att Roll and deal +1 die of stun damage.(Enforcement Force Unl 49)
Presence: Persuasion as Intimidation as a standard action, not full-round (influence Core p43)
Surveillance [prereq trained in Perception] As a full-rd action, you can make a Perception check against a single target within Line of Sight (LoS). The DC=15 or the target’s Stealth Check result (if the target is actively trying to remain hidden), whichever is greater. If the check is successful, you grant yourself and all allies w/in LoS a +2 insight bonus on Att Rolls vs that target until the end of your next turn. Your allies must be able to hear and understand you to benefit from this bonus, and they do not lose the benefit of this talent if they move out of LoS after it is used. (Spy Force Unl 28)
Lang Basic, Bocce, Bothese, Durese, High Galactic, Huttese
Possessions blaster pistol, 3 stun grenades, Imperial Scout Corps uniform, encrypted comlink, datapad

HP 60


Mev Bollard is repsonsible for the deaths of Venn’s wife Amareen, and their two adult daughters.

He is tasked with investigating the Kuat embracing the empire. He arrives on the Diligent, starship for his personal use.

Agent Mev Bollard – Human. He is focused and loyal to the Empire. He trusts no one and is willing to use everyone else to his advantage.
Motivations: Agent Bollard is an experienced, ambitious ISB agent intent on gaining enough notoriety in the Outer Rim and elsewhere to earn a promotion to a more important position.


Assigned to Kuat he has several agents working for him – Directly is Dran Darnill. Several agents – Andrell, Markus, Lu, Milakov, Portulaca,

Mev Bollard

Kuat Kogaluc