Juran Gel

Clawdite with many identities


Juran has many identities.
See Kim Smith, for his activities in KDY and on Kuat.

HERE ARE HIS LEVEL EIGHT STATS *********************************
Name Kim Smith Sz Med CL 8 Age 24, 5’10”, 160 lbs
Critter Clawdite Type ScoundreL 3/Noble 4/Charlatan 1
Fight’g Space 1×1 Reach 1 Spd 6sq
Init 6 Senses Perception ’+9
Force 9/10 Dark Side 0 Destiny 6 NO CURRENT DESTINY
HP 50 Threshhold 19 BAB 5 Grapple
Abil Str 8, Dex 14, Con 13, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 19
Defences Ref 22 (FF18), Fort 19, Will 26
Wpns Blaster Pistol 8 ( +9 )( +10 )( +11 )(- Dex) 3d64 ( 3d6+5) ( 2d6)
Heavy Blaster Pistol/Ascension Gun +8 ( +9 ) ( +10 )( +11 ) (- Dex) 3d8
4 ( 3d8+5) (2d6)
Melee Stun baton +4 ( 1d6/2d6
Melee palm stunner (4) ( 0/3d83)

Skills Deception +18, Knowledge (Bureaucracy) +12, Mechanics +12, Perception +9, Persuasion +13, Stealth +11, Treat Injury +9

Feats Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Deception), Linguist, Master of Disguise, Impersonate, Force of Personality, Careful Shot, Steadying Position

Talents Sneak Attack x2, Connections, Blend In, Cunning Distraction
Lang Basic, Clawdite, Twi’lek (Ryl), Duros, Shuriwook, Military Sign, Bothan, High Galactic, Dosh,
Clawdite: -2 Str, 2 Cha, Medium, spd 6sq, Shapeshift, Startle
To note:
+15 to Deception Checks to disguise appearrance, +5 to forge (can hurriedly forge at -2), All impersonation checks are at a Moderate difficulty, Can change appearance as a full round action.
Palm stunner is concealed on person and cloaked.
Black Market cost multipliers are 1 less, Ignores Licensing Fees
Charisma used for Will Defence
When Aiming, has +1 to hit, the target is denied dex to Ref
Owned but not carried:
Heavy Blaster Pistol (not ascension) Real License: Duran, several fakes for alter Egos
Video Recorder
Costumes and Disguise Material
Kuat PDef Uniformm Insignia, Combat Jumpsuit
Apartment (&Lease)
Passport: Duran, Twi’lek, Kim Smith, Perrin Rainstroke
Papers: all alter egos
Imperial Lieutenant ID from Hypernet OP

Carried on this Mission:
Heavy Blaster Pistol (Ascension). Forged Licenses (Duran DC 30, Perrin 33, Kim Smith 31) Tech Specialized (+1 to hit, Hair Trigger)
Stun Baton. License Duran.
Long Range Communicator
Short Range encrypted Communicator
Rebel Communicator
Int 10 Datapad
Thermal Detonator (forged Licenses for all Grenades)
Frag Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Stun Grenade
Ion Grenade
Sith Mask (never worn)
Field Kit
Utility Belt
Palm Stunner (Bothanized and Concealed)
Shadow Suit
He comes to Kuat as Tai Sell a human teen, dark hair and dark eyes, member of a gang.

His name is Duran Jell on planet, in passport office, human, male.

He is known to the cell as Kim Smith (female blonde curvaceous), at KDY Kim Smith female red head, at Casino Kim Smith dark haired

He creates a personality who is a Duros named Kam Lai to follow Alaria. (mechanic, male, blue-green). He practices being Duros with Navik.

Mica is his pirate personality. Mica Dustsheen’s pirate days are not over. His mild personality (for a Ryll) makes him not the highest on the totem pole, though he manages to lead events from behind the scenes.

He has an alternate personality as a Twi’lek, Sot Kamal, merchant, male, whitish green skin, short head tails, brown eyes. He never uses this personality.

Perrin Rainstroke is his aler ego in the rebel base. Perrin is a large black human with brown eyes, short dark hair, and an easy manner. He is likeable, though he makes few intimate friends in the base (but fewer enemies). He is loquacious, and brims with confidence. He wears simple brown, white and beige garb most of the time


Juran’s family was taken by Count Douku to Coruscant where they worked for him in a number of infiltration roles.
When Order 66 came down their cover was blown and the family was killed. One family member succeeds in warning five other people before being killed. Three or four of the others are caught and killed. Juran and an uncle get away. A cousin may also have made it out by Juran believes the cousin is dead.
The Uncle takes Juran to another planet where they hide for some time. When the uncle dies, Juran takes the remaining money and uses it as Tai Sell to come to Kuat.

He is part of a gang for a couple of years as Tai, and then disappears from them and takes a job at the Passport office as Duran. After helping engineer the Kuat hit, Juran leaves the Kuat system, and is now helping rescue some Mandalorians on Iridonia.

Juran Gel

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