Dahlyn Se'fey

Bothan, Zann slave, infiltrated KDY, well connected vindictive, freed to Bothan Spynet by Tav


Dahlyn Se’fey is responsible for the food price hikes in the Orbital array.

She is responsible for the continuation of the completed contract. This gives her some funds as otherwise she has nothing.
Tirual Construction Holdings is receiving the deliveries based on an old contract. They know nothing of the fact that the deliveries continued in spite of the contract completion. They will pay reparation.
When Path figures out the problem and resolves it with Tirual, the stop transfer done at KDY will not work. The administrative officer who keeps it active is paid by an employee of the Tirual Construction Holdings so the construction project team makes a better profit, skimmed off. She has created an alternate KDY identity as Morin Pre’gill, whose trail shows the sale of somewhat risque publications (just inside the line). The administrative officer, Dahlyn Se’fey, a bothan, is a well connected vindictive cog in KDY.

Detailed background info, found in a highly modified datapad DC 30 to get into it, Dahlyn Se’fey carries on her, shows she is connected to Burrooth. She is a slave of his. All her salary is transferred to a general account associated with the Velvet Palace [on the Toryaz Station]. Fin rcds show her only income from kickback.


Dahlyn Se'fey

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