Scientist extraction

Taris neurobiologist rescue

Given neurobiologist Saludor Narubo has been working at an independent facility on Taris , on vaccines to counter virulent diseases. Imperials are planning to move him to a different site where he can work on Chemical and Biological agents to raze planets. The rebellion would prefer to have him continue to work with them. {Classified: his name has shown up on the list retrieved from Durace. His attitude and leanings are unknown. }

He is to be moved from the current facility in 4 days. Rebel analysis indicates the best means is to rescue him from the imperials just as he leaves the laboratory complex, as that is both where he works and lives.
Taris is an independent planet that has no strong imperial presence. Party to go undercover. Imperials also maintain a low profile.

Rescue Saludor Narubo from the Empire as they relocate him.
Do not kill Saludor Narubo.
Do not expose your cover.
Straight in and out mission.
Secondary: bring back speeders.

per rebel agent: 15 000 credits and a 5 000 credit bonus if there are complications.

Tav responsible for Identification for a team investigating the Corona Limited luxury groundspeed (GoI), and the Nebulon Q class ground speeders (Threats) for a fleet purchase from Mobquet, of both courier and high profile VIP passengers:
Venn Nevil representing management
Kallis Salik vehicle technical expert
Tav Vat Company information specialist (Mobquet company profile, product maintenance)
Throhgvor Rovgor purchasing agent
Roah Dra Lay shipping
Mer’sharr Torn-claw Raam’mer customs
Navik to investigate Taris
Venn to be provided with regular passage to Taris on commercial transport.
Total provided for expenses: 10 000 credits

OIC: Venn Damos
Kallis Kadio, Throhg’vor, Tav Breya’ila, Roah Kass, Mer’Sharr Torn-claw
(note party calculated their rank using Clone Wars system: Venn CWO, Throhg’vor and Tav WO, Navik Sgt – Kuat=major conflict, Extreme Valour= Mandalorian ship+Sentinel shuttles+take out Imperials)

Initial drop Venn, Throhg’vor, Tav, Kallis
Day 2 Establish bona fides; Recce lab
Day 3 Set up extraction
Day 4 Extract; head for rendez-vous

Roah and Mer’Sharr to arrive one day later with the escape vessel a YT-1300, already set with precoded encrypted departure coordinates. Meet with the remainder of the party to provide them with details of hangar, and passes.

None to Alliance during mission – none.



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