Mission - Iridonian rebel support

GM recollection from 6 Feb game:

Rebel secret training facility on Iridonia threatened. Mandalorean Protectorate have a base, and share the training facility. Imperials have discoverd Mandalorean Protectorate. Rebels have lost people to the imperial attack. Support needed.

Extract rebels if required. Maintain training facility if possible. Provide aid to Mandaloreans if it won’t jeopardize rebels. Rebel on the ground determine actions needed.

Support rebels on Iridonia whose training facility is possibly threated by Empire. Extraction, or other support as they require. Mandalorean Protectorate personnel also share the facility as they are trying to take back Mandalore – base and training.

Duran negotiated per person: 30 000 credits per person w/success. Any Mandalorean Protectorate saved as well are 5 000 credits in addition.
Rebel Alliance gets 1/2 salvage.

Blastell 20A DLT Long Barrel Blaster (p61 Clone Wars): Venn
Field Kits: Venn, Tav, Duran
Med packs x 5: Venn
Concussion missiles x 6: Tav
Long range comm link: Duran
Hand grenades
Ion Grenade x 1: Duran
Shipment of Alderon foodstuffs for cover coming into Iridonia (Wortan spaceport).

Contact rebels on site.
Use Wortan contact only as necessary.
OIC: Duran
Kallis, Venn, Tav

Ship takes party to Iridonia YZ-775 (from Message to Spacers). Pilot Alaria, ship to be available as needed.
(As per S&V) ship has a sensor glitch -2 on perception sensor checks.

Daily. If no comm for 3 days, assume extraction required.
Contact if needed in city of Wortan.
Contact information for Rebels at training facility.
Speeders on the ground at Wortan spaceport.

Contact made with rebels.
Venn made contact with Mandalorean Protectorate (MP)
Imperials engaged.
Venn supporting MP vs 2 x armoured ground cars and 2 AT-STs.
Canyon Floor
Duran, Kallis, +2 rebels on canyon floor, cutting off one side of T intersection
Tav at intersection. 2 armoured ground cars, 3 At-STs, 1 Comd Spdr.



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