Kuat takedown plans

Rebel Cell has a number of initiatives to disrupt Kuat:


The Ardent (see Starships has been rigged up by the party to prevent the Imperial Commander Anton Kale in Kuat System from being able to communicate out. When a predetermined code – meaningless to humans, but meaningful to the switch installed in the jamming device – is received the device will switch on, blocking the comm systems of The Ardent and any ships near it – within 6 sq starship scale. (See Scum p57)

No off switch was installed in this device. There really wouldn’t be much point.


The clamps of all major construction yards (especially those making star destroyers) have been systematically sabotaged by roving QA teams that were filled with rebels. Similar to the Ardent’s jamming, when a predetermined code is transmitted through the system, small installed receivers will activate and open all docking clamps.

This should result in billions of credits worth of ships floating through the system, not to mention turning the place into a total disaster to navigate.


Duran is setting up to forge and plant documents on Laylee. They will show that the Zann Consortium has acquired starships with the same statistics as the Rebel Corvettes coming in system (from Incom). Laylee is to have these documents on her when she is compromised. KSF is to find them. Duran will put those documents and a couple of others together. (Forgery check more than passed!)


While this has only been programmed into Shesh shipyards, this is yet another “send the code, do the damage” program. In this case, a sleeping program in their computer systems that will disable all of Shesh shipyard’s systems apart from those needed for life support. This will probably have little effect on the systems ability to defend itself, but will add even more to the chaos.


Operation Swordfish


QA team (Alaria, Tarrant, Roah) are increasing the quality requirements for Firesprays. Those that aren’t acceptable are “recycled”. They are also using higher quality standards to divert the appropriate materials to fill the Firespray cargo holds with items valuable to the Rebellion.


Path has arranged with Mar Shesh to have a docking bay available for the reclaimed Firesprays. Sufficient are being gathered for the cell to leave at the right time.


Navik has set up a daily update from the Holonet for the galactic map for astro-navigation for hyperspace jump coordinates. He uses the Holonet tap to capture the information. The firesprays will download the information so there is updated info.

Number of ships

Firesprays acquired: Path wanted 6 of them. See Starships. Need names for the remainder. Are there enough of them? Enough for players? or cell?

Security codes

Still to be determined how to get the security codes needed.

Kim Smith was part of a team visiting the Kuat system Moff.
The rumour that the empire is nationalizing Incom is disturbing to the KDY.
The KDY group meets the Moff. With sufficient diplomacy check, they are assured this action will not affect them, the Empire has good relations with KDY, KDY is doing their work on Imperial contracts. They are open to sharing their R&D with the Empire, QA has been superlative. Moff Kuras understands there has been a shakeup in the QA structure???
The empire is generally moving to protect assets with the increased threat from fringe elements.
Keepinroom Ers Alive – Citizens cry Foul Communications
Galaxy News Service – Spice trafficking cleanup triggers Sabotage by Criminal elements



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