Kuat left behind

Empire makes its move

ISB actions

ISB mandate is to bring Kuat under Imperial wing, with KSF replaced by Empire troops, and Kuat nationalized. Loyalty to the Empire.

ISB is looking for levers to pry open KDY and KSF.

Loss of a section of imperial troops with no explanation

KSF on the hook for this one Starsky/ McNaulty.

Fern Tao (Mel Port‘s pseudonym for catching rebels) is who Day gets hold of to come to Kuat from Iridonia. Fern contacted his imperial contact Lt Nadir. Lt Nadir made a deal with KSF where Mel Port should be released to Empire. KSF brings Mel to the meeting still in their custody. Mel to meet Day and hand him over to the Empire, at which point Lt Nadir will take over custody of Mel.] Lt Belton Nadir disappeared along with experienced Sgt (storm trooper) and 6 troops.
ISB’s understanding of the reports and he needs confirmation. Lt Nadir agreed to release Fern Tao on his own recognizance should Fern Tao make an acceptable arrangement for capture of a rebel spy, named Day. It appears Lt Nadir contacted KSF agent McNaulty for information with regards to Fern Tao.

Tarrant is unavailable.

KSF afraid of the politics. They may get taken over, wiped out with Empire there instead. Starsky calls Path to make sure story is straight, and to make sure the KDY end (Pilot – Navik, Tarrant and his boys – Charlie, Echo, Victor, Tango, Path, etc) is all sewn up. McNaulty is in the spotlight. No leaks.

KSF contacts Fer Kuat to make sure KDY is aware, since this seems counter to the Moff’s assertions.

Dragon Project and others behind schedule

Imperial troops will take the entire Dragon Project team to refresh their loyalty to the Empire. Entire teams will be taken to be questioned, educated, re-trained by Compnor.

Lt(N) Garn Benndill disappeared.

A productive man. Where is he? KDY could be in the soup. Where is his ship? Experimental TIE fighter.

Investigator comes to meet all QA types from Garn Benndill’s time. QA Team and also Lapis Myrtle, Path’s analyst Gorr Fen’swee, M3P0, again Roah, all replacements for those incarcerated, all those incarcerated. Same facility used to question all connected.

Laylee works with the ISB on this activity.



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