Intro to Tierfon Rebel Base

  1. Sort out party credits.
  2. Introduce party to Tierfon Rebel Base and personnel. (Major Dal, Travis, Dierdre, Perrin, Deamm, Irwin Blake)
  3. Determine where they each best fit into the Alliance.
    Tav Breya’ila – tactician, information specialist, good troubleshooter, administrator [Assignment: Temp to Base Comd]
    Alaria – QM, QA, pilot [Assignment: Support as a rebel transport pilot]
    Kallis Kadio- tech, mech spec, pilot [Assignment: O&S? Wpns, Alliance Fleet?]
    Venn Damos – military – [Assignment: Rebel forces, SpecForce]
    Duran – communications, diplomat, deception, forgery – [Assignment: SpecOps]
    Day- fights, scout, not suitable for regular rebel troops, too unorthodox – [Assignment: Sector Force as a scout]
  4. Find Navik an appropriate place to work on Torpedoes. Sensor might be able to help some.
  5. Provide party with update for Kuat situation. Deamm
  6. Day sent out on scout missions for Sector Force – sort out the details.
  7. Provide further details of upcoming tasking.



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