Infiltration Mathilde Holonet pirating

Party successfully infiltrates the main installation on Mathildeafter disembarking from the weekly supply freighter they stowed away on.
Duran assumes the identity of SubLt Nephr Sindtyver, after Venn accidentally kills the SubLt and they dispose of him down a turbolift shaft.
Roah, Path, and Navik each go their own way as the party attempts to find the way into the asteroid itself, where the holonet transceivers are located.
They regroup on the command level, where Duran encounters his “superior” Lt (N) Moore Geste briefly. She tasks him with sending out a ground veh to take troops from the Comm Array to the external storage and ammo depot. He agrees to do it in a few minutes.
They head deeper into the asteroid with Nephr’s id, and succeed in stealthing their way past the manned guard post. They pull of an awesome stealth skill encounter, where they trick the guards into opening the door through into the asteroid, while passing through without getting caught. There they are met with six possible tunnels. Two they have been up on their previous visit – first left unknown, second left is the Communications Array on the surface, third is a maintenance passage to the external storage area and the shield generator, fourth is a manned guarded entrance, fifth is the passage that appears to head deeper into the asteroid, sixth is the passage they took to the holonet transceiver on their first visit.
They take the first left, and trip the sensors that detect identification in the maintenance tunnel paralleling the main passage to the 2nd holonet transceiver.
At the end of the evening, the party is split, with Venn and Duran following a section of guards, two groups Sgt +3 tps ahead, and Cpl + 3 tps behind investigating the increased alert status.
Path, Roah, and Navik are right at the guard station, next to the door to the holonet transceiver. They are in the maintenance tunnel. There are three guards further down it, who didn’t see them as they went on past to investigate the security breach.
Roah used his light sabre to kill a guard. Navik shot out the comms, and Path used autofire to kill the four remaining guards. Although the asteroid is on high alert, and there is an identified problem, no communications have come from the guard post, no one alive has seen the party.

Next step planned is to use the lightsabre to open the door to the holonet transceiver.



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