Kallis, Tav, Venn, Duran – level 8 Day – level 7

Kallis Kadio, Tav, Venn Damos, Duran, and Day (in absentia) are at the Mandalorean Protectorate (MP) base co-located with the rebel training facility on Iridonia.

They have just succeeded in eliminating a two pronged attack (AT-STs, Armoured Ground Cars, and a Command Speeder) who were there to capture the MPs at the base. This included the MPs the Imperials had enslaved, who had been rescued by the MPs and brought there for safety.

The party leaves in and AT-ST and the Command Speeder to recover the rebels who were part of the three pronged attack force that was to take out the communications relay station located the other side of Warton. They locate Group 1, made up of MPs, killed, with the leader gone, stripped and left. Light sabre burns, boulder crushing and blaster fire took them out.

They split at this point. The Command Speeder (Tav and Kallis and Day) follow the speeder that left the scene of the killing. The AT-ST (Duran and Venn) meet Group 2, who do not look like the MPs they are supposed to meet. Group 2 is made up of Imperials. They succeed in taking Group 2 prisoner and returning them to the MP base. They ready the rebels and MPs for an evacuation. It is clear that the base and training facility have been compromised.

Venn and Duran leave in the AT-ST to find Group 3 to completely evacuate the remaining rebels. They discover Group 3 killed, and the communications relay station completely operational. 10 Mandaloreans who were on the Comm Relay attack are missing.

Tav and Kallis succeed in finding the speeder in Warton. They arrive at the deserted hangar, just as a shuttle bearing Tanar (leader of the MP attack on the Comm Relay Stn who appears to be a Sith – dark jedi who has turned on the MPs) leaves. They are left fighting Duqua, an MP team lead who was considering turning from his jedi past to join Tanar in his imperial work. Between the speeder and Tav’s weapons, they kill Duqua. There is a light freighter they can use to follow Tanar to the MP ship just arrived into orbit.

They decide to see if Alaria can safely collect the rebels and MPs at the base and take them to safety past the Imperial and Customs net, while they chase down Tanar – who has abducted the MP mercenaries.



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